The Vogels – On All Fronts

OnAllFronts.Kindle.RJana Petken presents volume 2 of the ambitious multi-award-winning Half-Bloods Series, “The Vogels – On All Fronts.”

As Laura and Dieter Vogel settle into their new lives in the English countryside, their children struggle to balance duty and conscience in German occupied Europe.

European cities and their citizens feel the full force of German injustice, but not all are willing to bend the knee. From France to Poland, Resistance groups fight from the shadows to thwart Nazi rule, and their goal to exterminate Jews.

In Poland, three men are embroiled in a high-stakes game of intrigue in which the winner will take all and the losers will face certain death. Is an idealistic ghetto doctor, resolved to oppose the Third Reich, willing to betray his country? Can a Jewish ghetto inmate find the strength and luck to escape his fate? The Łódź ghetto, run by the Gestapo and a Jewish police force, becomes a battlefield where only the strongest and most devious will survive.

Can two spies rekindle their relationship, or will past betrayals become hurdles, too great to surmount? Can Britain’s MI6 maintain the upper hand in a contest against the German Abwehr. Who wins when one man fights for British interests whilst the other seeks to undermine them?

In Russia, a German soldier struggles to survive the ravages of a frigid winter, compounded by the German army’s lack of progress. Hit by a surprise Russian attack on the front lines, however, he finds himself facing an even greater challenge than the freezing weather and Soviet bullets.

Two women with very different paths are led to one man who changes the course of their lives forever – only one will win his heart.

“The Vogels are fighting on all fronts in this compelling story of love and betrayal in a world at war.”

Updates on release date coming soon!

Jana x

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