The German Half-Bloods

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“A powerful, heart-wrenching story of an Anglo-German family struggling to survive Hitler’s Germany and the perilous world of WWII spies. Petken’s characters bleed from the pages, making The German Half-Bloods an unputdownable read.”

Germany, September 1939. At the outbreak of War, Dieter Vogel and his family face catastrophic events and separation as each member embarks on their deadly paths towards survival, love, and freedom.

Dieter Vogel, a German industrialist, believes in protecting his family at all costs, but in a bid to keep his English wife and children safe, he is plunged into a well of deceit that tears the family apart. With no escape from the Nazi Party, Dieter risks everything to launch a daring attack on the SS extermination programme knowing that the price of failure might be fatal.

Doctor Paul Vogel is coerced into working in the Nazi eugenics programme, and soon discovers that sterilising handicapped and mentally-ill Germans is just a prelude to a more lethal plan against those the Reich deem unworthy of life. Paul, trapped by the SS, seeks help from the unlikeliest of people and is plunged into a world of espionage and murder.

British Army Major, Max Vogel, is attached to The British Intelligence Services and Winston Churchill’s Special Operations Executive. His missions in occupied Europe are fraught with danger, and his adulterous affair with a woman he cannot give up and whose husband is his closest friend, lead him deeper into the quagmire of treachery and lies.

Wilmot Vogel dreams of winning the Iron Cross, but when he confronts a mass killing of Jews in Poland, his idolatry of Hitler is shaken to its roots, and he finds himself imprisoned in the infamous Dachau concentration camp with no release date in sight.

Hannah Vogel has no ambition other than to marry her English fiancé, Frank, before the lines of war are drawn. Against her father’s wishes, she leaves Berlin on the eve of the German invasion of Poland, but when she arrives in England, she learns that Frank is not the civilian engineer he claims to be.

“A historical novel steeped in horror, danger and suspense; a true page-turner.”

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Early Review for The German Half-Blood

 “From the hands of the very talented, Jana Petken, comes another gripping story, this time tackling the Nazis quest for world domination. In one of the darkest eras in human history, when a madman’s design was to annihilate an entire race of people, Petken’s masterful writing brings characters alive with action, treachery, deceit, atrocities, and love that burns from the pages. I couldn’t put this one down.”

Editorial Review.

The Vogels: On All Fronts by Jana Petken–Review–5 Stars!


Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review

The German Half-Bloods (The Half-Blood Series Book 1) by Jana Petken is an intense, nail-biting ride through WWII Germany. The unique perspectives of the characters in Germany, as well as those in England, were refreshing and charismatic. I am well-versed in the history of the time period, and I must say that very few historical novels of the period are satisfactorily accurate enough for me to enjoy, this book being a rare exception. I was deeply impressed with the characters’ viewpoints and the extent of the plot. The author spun such an intricately woven web of intrigue that I didn’t want to stop reading. I was transported back in time and enjoyed every minute of it! I loved this novel! It is beautifully written, and deeply moving. Although there are some historically accurate details that may disturb a younger audience, I feel that this novel is an essential historical read.


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The German Half-Bloods Series continues with, Before The Brightest Dawn.

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