Jana Petken


Hello fellow Indie authors and readers As I approach my third anniversary in the publishing industry, I have to admit that I’m surprised to still be here. Three years ago, I published The Guardian of Secrets, had a very small book signing, went to the beach, had a fancy cocktail, and then got on with my life. When no royalties arrived after the first, second, third, and sixth month, I started wondering about… Read More

Today is the second anniversary of my leap into the publishing world. It’s time to take stock, look back, and to tell you how I feel about this crazy world of books. If anyone is reading this, I ask you to indulge me in this rare bearing of my soul. As I sit here and think about my experiences, so far, I have to wonder if I was, perhaps, just a tad ignorant of… Read More

Was Tomas De Torquemada, a pious man? A sainted arrow sent from heaven to destroy evil? Or was he a cruel fanatical fundamentalist, and an abuser of power? These questions are still being asked today by scholars and historians, trying to dispel the myths and misreporting surrounding The Spanish Inquisition. A Spanish chronicler called him “the hammer of heretics, the light of Spain, the saviour of his country, the honour of his order”…. Read More