Jana Petken


What do we, the foreign visitor or resident know about the Spanish Gypsy? We all have our own assumptions, I’m sure, about their lives, their traditions, and their culture, but do we know them? The Spanish Gitano belong to the Iberian Kale group, which also includes an extended family in Portugal, Morocco, and France. In Spain alone there are an estimated 700.000 Gitanos, who are now in this twenty first century, living… Read More

I would like to tell you about a little adventure I had on the 23rd February, 1981 when there was an attempted coup d’état in Spain. I was, at that time, in the British Royal Navy and my parents, sister, and brother lived in Dénia, Alicante.  I had not seen them for over a year. I missed them and thought it was high time I paid Spain, and the family, a surprise visit.