Jana Petken


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great time over Christmas and new Year, and a great start to 2020 What did Santa Claus bring you? Me, I got a puppy, a little sister for Marnina. She’s a Bichon MalteseĀ  and is 12 weeks old today. What can I say, she’s adorable, affecionate, loves cuddles, and to play with her toys. I couldn’t be happier at this addition to… Read More

  Hello, everyone. I have left this newsletter to the very last minute, so that I can wish you all a happy New Year. I hope it brings you happiness and good health. This year has been busy with one book published and my manuscript, The German Half-Bloods coming to the end of its first draft.

Following on from my pick for Joseph Dobbs, this week I would like to share my thoughts on my picks for Celia Merrill and Ernesto Martinez. The two actors I have chosen are well known, but their A list status is not the reason I believe they would be great in my fantasy movie of The Guardian of Secrets.