Jana Petken


Hi everyone Blood Moon, the second volume of, The Mercy Carver Series, launches. . Hold on to your horses. it’s a wild ride! Amazon, worldwide.

Oct122014 Jana Petken is author of two highly-rated historical fiction novels. “The Guardian of Secrets” was her first release and sold very well on the market. Her new book “Mercy Carver” looks set to repeat that success. Enjoy this interview with a top-of-the-line author… Kirkus Review “The Guardian of Secrets“ A dark debut novel about a woman’s escape from a life of abuse and her ensuing struggle. By all appearances, Celia Dobbs… Read More

About This Interview Jana Petken is a talented writer who currently resides in Spain. She chose a hard genre when she became a writer and it’s only fair that we give her a great interview. What makes her stand above other writers? That’s an easy one to answer– she writes as though she is watching a movie– her words are moving pictures. I think you will love her interview and her book…… Read More

Jana Petken is an author. Not just an author of any old kind of fiction– an author of high quality historically accurate writings that will entertain, interest and provide you with something a little… special for your reading pleasure. “The Guardian of Secrets” is the first Jana Petken novel and it’s one you will read and read and… read again! Enjoy this interview (Originally published on Novel Ideas) How would describe “The… Read More

I was recently interviewed by Captain Joe over at MARsocial. Enjoy! Cap’n Joe’s Interview with a former Saudi Princess’s bodyguard – Author Jana Petken Can you tell my readers a little about your background nationality/ancestry? Hi Cap’n Joe! I live in Spain but I’m Scottish and British, with a lot of Irish blood flowing through my veins. I guess I’m a mongrel, with various cultural idiosyncrasies. I’m adventurous. I’ve travelled the world, twice over,… Read More