Jana Petken


Hello fellow Indie authors and readers As I approach my third anniversary in the publishing industry, I have to admit that I’m surprised to still be here. Three years ago, I published The Guardian of Secrets, had a very small book signing, went to the beach, had a fancy cocktail, and then got on with my life. When no royalties arrived after the first, second, third, and sixth month, I started wondering about… Read More

Okay, so I am almost ready to send my new manuscript to my editor. The Scattered Flock is set in the year, 1492, in Spain, which was in my humble opinion, the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of Spain’s golden age. However, this blog has nothing to do with books or what I’m writing. Instead, I’m bringing you a wonderful, miraculous story from my town, Denia. I grew up on the… Read More

Hi everyone. This week in my town, Denia, we are celebrating the cultures of the Moors and Christians in Spain. A Spanish political party recently said that if they get into power, the fiesta of the Moors and Christians will end. It is not politically correct, apparently. I say, poppy-cock to them. The Moors – Muslims, ruled Spain, not for decades but for hundreds of years. During that time they shared their wonderful music, literature,… Read More

The battle of the Somme was the bloodiest battle of WWI. It began on the 1st of July 1916 with hopeful cries for victory, and stout British spirit and humour running through the trenches. What came after was a grim, naked exhibition of carnage.   In today’s world, we speak about soldiers being treated for post traumatic stress, and the amount of money governments are prepared to pay to their injured and retired… Read More

I’m always being told, “You must write more blogs, Jana. People will never read your books if you are not active on your website. You will be forgotten.” “Okay dokey,” I say, “But what do my readers really want me to talk about?” Well, today I think I’ve found something that I think might tickle your fancy. The Readers’ Favorite Awards in Miami were truly amazing. I had a wonderful time and… Read More