Jana Petken


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great time over Christmas and new Year, and a great start to 2020 What did Santa Claus bring you? Me, I got a puppy, a little sister for Marnina. She’s a Bichon Maltese  and is 12 weeks old today. What can I say, she’s adorable, affecionate, loves cuddles, and to play with her toys. I couldn’t be happier at this addition to… Read More

Hi everyone Well, here we are in May already, straddling the summer and coming up to one the biggest book-buying and reading seasons of the year. In Spain, we’re seeing great weather, so good in fact, I managed to get my baby, Marnina to the beach for the very first time. How is she? you might be asking. Well folks, she is biting me to death, chewing my hair, destroying the wooden… Read More

Hi everyone. March was a bust for blogging, but here’s why. I got delivery of a 1.4 kilo baby Labrador. I’ve called her Marnina and she is playful, naughty, a cry baby, affectionate to the clingy extreme, and absolutely adorable. Gone are the days of me getting up and straight on the computer to write; this little one takes up a lot of my time at the moment due to her love… Read More

Hi everyone. Many of you asked me to let you know when The German Half-Bloods was being released…well, I’m delighted to say that the book has just gone on Pre-Order from all Amazon worldwide platforms. Your support would mean a great deal to me, so, if you are planning on reading it, please pre-order now to give it a good boost on release day. To say that would be much appreciated would… Read More

Hi everyone, hope you are well and excited about The German Half-Bloods being released at the end of March in ebook and paperback. It was an eye opening experience to write and to research this novel, and left me pretty emotional at times. After 4 years of research into the Third Reich, I realised that I was previously ignorant of just how bad it was for the ordinary German man and woman… Read More