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xThe Guardian of Secrets Multi-Award-Winning Bestseller

GuardianofSecretstwoawardsfinalA historical family saga spanning four generations, from 1912, Kent, England, to Spain and its 1936–39 civil war. Celia and Ernesto’s two sons march under opposing banners, whilst their daughters take different paths, one to the Catholic Church and the other to the battlefields.

In exile, Celia and Ernesto can only wait and pray for their children and their safe return home, ignorant of the re-emergence of an old foe, more dangerous than the bloody war that has engulfed their children.
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The Mercy Carver Series

DarkShadows.MedalsDark Shadows Award-Winning Bestseller

When unimaginable calamities strike, Mercy Carver, a poor London woman, wonders what she has done to deserve such immeasurable suffering. It is only when she faces imminent death in the snow and ice-encrusted Virginia wilderness that she finally understands the power of destiny.

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The unthinkable has happened. America is embroiled in a Civil War and Virginia has been invaded by a Union army. Mercy Carver ignores the dangers that surround her and treads a precarious road, using only her youthful passion and guile to guide her, and the runaway slaves she continues to aid. Errant Flock Multi Award Winning Bestseller

Valencia, Spain, 1491
The ambitions of four men merge and collide in a deadly game of intrigue.

David Sanz, a young militiaman, is forced to carry out a heinous crime, and he becomes an unwitting pawn in a tense battle for power.

Luis Peráto, the duke of Sagrat, sacrifices his own people to cover up dark secrets that could see him burnt at the stake for treason.

Sergio Garcia, Sagrat’s lord treasurer, is a cruel and unscrupulous man, willing to eliminate anyone who opposes his rise to power.

The inquisitor, Gaspar de Amo, zealously punishes heretics for their sins against Rome and her Holy Office. But bringing the Inquisition to the town of Sagrat proves more challenging than he or the church could ever have envisaged.

In the midst of chaos, the people of Sagrat, terrorized by a series of murders, face an even greater danger with the arrival of the Inquisition and the unimaginable horrors it brings.

TheScatteredFlock22.09.Kindle.MThe Scattered Flock. Award Winner

Jana Petken presents, The Scattered Flock, a suspenseful, compelling sequel to the Multi Award Winning, The Errant Flock.

 David Sanz’s journey south is halted abruptly after a devastating turn of events. In a tense battle for survival against thieves and the militia he has been fleeing from, he finds himself shackled and incarcerated in the prison he once guarded.

 The Duke of Sagrat’s brother, Rafael Perato, has survived the war, and the royal court’s treacherous intrigues, but when news of his brother’s death reaches their Most Catholic Majesties his life is thrown into turmoil. Banished by the king, and tasked with carrying out insurmountable missions, he becomes entangled in a web of deadly plots and subterfuge, which threaten not only Sagrat but his very survival.

 In this fast-paced epic, David Sanz and Rafael Perato face adversaries more devious and powerful than themselves, and it is only courage, faith, and unlikely alliances, that may save them both from the Inquisitor and the deadly marauder, Alejandro.

Flock.Book3.Kindle.16.02.2017Flock, The Gathering of The Damned

“Petken’s storytelling is masterfully visceral, driving, and terrifying.”

Flock, The Gathering of The Damned, from the bestselling and multi award winning author of The Errant Flock, The Guardian of Secrets, Dark Shadows: Mercy Carver, and Swearing Allegiance.

The Sagrat militiamen suspend their hunt for Alejandro and return to Valencia to discover that they have become the prey.

When Rafael Perato is abducted at the Inquisitor’s funeral, he finds himself facing a new and dangerous enemy. What his captor wants with him is unclear, but as the days turn to weeks Rafael is plunged deeper and deeper into a web of deceit and betrayal.

David Sanz is marked for death after he uncovers a deadly secret and must choose between his duty to find Rafael Perato and his need to evade capture.

“Brilliant characters and riveting plots make The Gathering of The Damned an epic conclusion to The Flock Trilogy.

NewSwearing-Allegiance.07.2018Swearing Allegiance: Part 1 of The Carmody Saga, about love, war, and betrayal, set during the First World War.

April 1916

An Irish Easter uprising lays waste to Dublin and fractures a British Empire struggling to supply men and arms to defeat Germany.

In Dublin’s ruins, the affluent and celebrated Carmody family are not only forced to confront the rebellion’s devastating effects on their personal lives but also the terrible secrets and lies uncovered in the midst of grief.

Forced to abandon their home in the Irish capital for London, each family member must strive to survive poverty, the horrors of war, and personal bouts with excessive pride and passion – but loyalty to family proves to be the most difficult cross to bear.

Danny, the youngest, is a republican rebel who risks everything to fight for an independent Ireland.

Patrick, a surgeon, swears allegiance to Britain and joins His Majesty’s Royal Navy, which is engaged in tense battles to control the seas.

Jenny, self-entitled and strong willed, sees her wedding plans and grand ambitions disintegrate. With a fiancé incarcerated in a rebel prison camp and no prospects of her own, she faces the unimaginable challenge of working in one of London’s munitions factories.

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The German Half-Bloods Trilogy

TheGermanHalfBloodsV2.Kindle.uThe German Half-Bloods

“Petken’s masterful writing brings the characters alive, making The German-Half-Bloods a compelling, unforgettable story.”

“I have read all three books and couldn’t put them down. The characters were real to me and their stories captivating!”

“This series is truly a remarkable work of historical fiction. The characters were well-developed and the story was engrossing. I read the three books in three days— I couldn’t put them down— and these are not short books. If you are in the mood to read a WWII saga, you can’t do much better than this. Bravo!”

Germany, September 1939. At the outbreak of War, Dieter Vogel and his family must come to terms with upheaval and separation as each member embarks on their own treacherous paths across Europe towards survival, love, and freedom.

Dieter Vogel, a German industrialist, believes in protecting his family at all costs, even when that means keeping dangerous secrets from his English wife, Laura. Can Dieter continue to lie to her, or will she learn the truth hiding behind his apparent love for Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Doctor Paul Vogel is forced to work in the Nazi eugenics programme, but the sterilisation of handicapped and mentally ill Germans is just the tip of a much bigger and more lethal plan for those the Reich deem unworthy of living. Paul, trapped by the SS, seeks help from the unlikeliest of people and is plunged into a world of espionage and murder.

British Army Major, Max Vogel, is attached to the Secret Intelligence Services of MI6 and Winston Churchill’s Special Operations Executive. His missions behind enemy lines in occupied Europe are fraught with danger, as is his love affair with a woman who belongs to another man.

Wilmot Vogel dreams of winning the Iron Cross, but when he is confronted in Poland by mass killings of Jews he questions his idolatry of Hitler and the SS and finds himself in Dachau concentration camp for the disenfranchised and criminal element of German society.

Hannah Vogel leaves Berlin on the eve of the German invasion of Poland to marry her fiancé, Frank, only to find he has been lying to her about his occupation. Will his deceit, and her misgivings about abandoning her mother and father in Germany, ruin her hope of happiness?

“An outstanding, gripping saga.”



The Vogels: On All Fronts.

“The Vogels are fighting on all fronts in this compelling story of intrigue and betrayal in a world at war.”

European citizens feel the full force of German injustice, but not all are willing to bend the knee. From France to Poland, Resistance groups fight from the shadows to thwart Nazi rule and hinder their goal to exterminate Jews.

In Russia, Wilmot Vogel struggles to survive the ravages of a frigid winter, compounded by the German army’s lack of progress. Hit by a surprise Russian attack on the front lines, however, he finds himself facing an even greater challenge than the freezing weather and Soviet bullets.

In Łódź, Poland, an idealistic doctor is resolved to oppose the Third Reich, but is he willing to betray his country? Will a Gestapo major find the answers he’s looking for? Can a ghetto Jew avoid transportation to a Nazi extermination camp?

Can two spies rekindle their friendship, or will past betrayals become hurdles too great to surmount? Can Britain’s MI6 maintain the upper hand in a contest against the German Abwehr? Who wins when one man fights for British interests whilst the other seeks to undermine them?

In the darkest days of war, love flourishes. Two women with very different paths are led to one man who changes the course of their lives forever – but only one will win his heart.

Before The Brightest Dawn

BeforeTheBrightestDawn.KindleIn The German Half-Bloods and The Vogels, Jana Petken followed the turbulent lives of an Anglo-German family as they forged their paths through the Second World War. Now, the conflict intensifies in the Soviet States, North Africa, France, and the growing resistance movement in Poland.

Will Max, Paul, and Wilmot Vogel survive the most ruthless phase of the war to date?

Max takes a path to momentous events in North Africa where he balances undercover games of espionage in decadent Cairo with dangerous missions behind the German Afrika Korps’ lines.

Paul’s loyalty to the Third Reich continues to wane as Germany’s extermination programmes in Poland expand, and he is stalked by the new Kriminalinspektor, Manfred Krüger. Can he stay one step ahead of a man who has been ordered to destroy him?

Wilmot faces new challenges in the Afrika Korps, but is he mentally and physically prepared to lead his men into Libya’s fiery desert and against the British 8th Army?

Before the Brightest Dawn, the long-awaited Book 3 of the Half-Bloods Trilogy, concludes the story of the inextricably entangled fates of three brothers … through a war that becomes increasingly brutal and cruel.

Editorial Review: The Coffee Pot Book Club.

Once again, Petken has presented her readers with a historical rich tale, where nothing is beneath her attention. The hours of research that has gone into this book, and indeed this series, clearly shines through in the impressive prose and the persuasive narrative. Petken is one of those authors who makes history come alive.

I have enjoyed every minute of this series and now feel slightly bereft that it has come to an end. If you are looking for your next World War II historical fiction series which shows both sides of the war, then look no further than The Half-Blood Trilogy. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

I Highly Recommend.


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