Hi everyone, it’s been a whirlwind November. Many of you are aware that I’m just back from Miami for the Readers’ Favorite Awards where Swearing Allegiance, The Scattered Flock, and Blood Moon, Mercy Carver Book Two won awards. Here’s a few photos for you.

23659159_791125834406047_3617242492581469102_nOnce again, the seminar and ceremony was wonderful but the best events of the long weekend were the moments I met other award-winning authors, previously known to me on FB and Twitter. Read More

Hello, dear readers

ian two awardsI’ve got a few updates for you. Firstly, Swearing Allegiance has just won the 2017 Outstanding Historical Book of The Year at the IAN Awards! I’m delighted and surprised as I won the same title last year with The Guardian of Secrets…big celebration tomorrow!

Secondly, I’ve booked my flights to the big USA in November for the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards and Miami International Book Fair. I’ll post photos when I get back. I’m looking forward to meeting other authors, and to be honest, eating hot and spicy buffalo wings and red velvet cake. Read More

A1rCL2ngfdL._UY200_Hi everyone, I want to introduce you all to thriller author, Nigel Seed. Nigel is an exciting find in today’s book market, and has been lauded for his notable series, revolving around the enigmatic, Jim Wilson.

Here’s a bit about Nigel and his first book in the series. Buckle up!

Nigel Seed was born in Morecambe, England, into a military family. His father was a serving officer and both his grandfathers served in the First World War. He grew up hearing his father’s tales of adventure during the Second World War, and this kindled his interest in both military history and storytelling.

He received a patchy education, as he and his family inevitably followed service postings from one base to another. Perhaps the need to constantly change schools contributed to his odd ability to link apparently unconnected facts and events in order to weave his stories.

Following formal education, he not surprisingly joined the Army, serving with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in many parts of the world, including several tours in Northern Ireland, Germany, Canada, Zimbabwe, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.

Upon leaving after a full engagement, he joined the Ministry of Defence as a Quality Assurance Officer, and also lectured part-time at a University whilst taking a Master’s degree in Information Technology. During his time with the Ministry of Defence he formed strong links with overseas armed forces, including the USAF, and cooperated with them, particularly in support of the AWACS aircraft.

Within his civil service career he also held senior managerial posts in the British Home Office, and the Department of Justice, including a period making himself distinctly unpopular as one of the directors of the now defunct UK ID Card programme.

v4-nov12 version 4(1)

V4 – Vengeance

Hitler’s Last Vengeance Weapons Are Going To War

Major Jim Wilson, late of the Royal Engineers, has been obliged to leave the rapidly shrinking British Army. He needs a job but they are thin on the ground even for a highly capable Army Officer. Then he is offered the chance to go to Northern Germany to search for the last great secret of World War 2, a hidden U Boat base. Once he unravels the mystery he is asked to help to spirit two submarines away from under the noses of the German government, to be the central exhibits in a Russian museum. But then the betrayal begins and a seventy year old horror unfolds.

Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and all major on-line retailers


TheGermanHalfBloodsKindle.UHi, everyone.

I’m just popping in to tell you about my progress on The German Half Bloods. I’ve just hit 100,000 words, which means I’m about two thirds of the way there. This is going to be a relatively big book with multiple characters and plots set against the backdrops of Berlin and London during WW2. Read More

Hi everyone

2017-08-09 14.20.59.jpgOn the eve of Flock The Gathering of The Damned being released, I thought I would share a few more photos, taken when I went on my research trip. I really am fortunate to be able to find medieval treasures on my doorstep and being able to use what I saw in my stories.

Sagrat Castle sagunto-castillo-4-smon the left. (Sagunto)

The Flock was a real roller-coaster ride for me. It was emotional to write in places and sickening to note that I could draw parallels to certain evils going on today, as though torture, persecution and religious bigotry has been recycled to the modern age.

I thought it was important to end the Trilogy with a couple of new locations, which were not overly used but mentioned to give a new flavour to the tale. I’d like to share a couple of these locations with you, so that when you read the book, you too can see what the characters are seeing.

2017-08-10 12.30.44

Valencia Cathedral was a wonderful eye opener from its 1,500 year-old Christian graveyard with corpses visible in the rocks underneath the building, to the chalace defended as the Holy Grail. I was also blown away by letters in a glass case, written by Alexander V1, the Borgia/Borja Spanish Pope, to his son, the Duke of Gandia.

2017-08-10 17.53.16The Gandia Borja Palace was owned by the Borja family and used by the Borgia sons, born in Rome to Alexander VI. It remains untouched with the same ceramic floor and wall tiles, some furniture, chapel, and bed chamber of Saint Francisco de Borja who died there in the 16th century. His death mask is original, the cast placed on his face on the day of his death. The Palace is now owned by Jesuit Brothers who teach orphaned children.2017-08-10 17.33.02

Finally, the town of Sagrat was based on the town of Sagunto, full of treasures and artifacts, walls dating back to over 2,000 years ago when the Romans lived there.

theScatteredFlock.Book3bannerThe Flock was both difficult and rewarding to write. I’m sorry it’s over in a way because I enjoyed going back to a period in history, which was corrupt, cruel, yet wonderfully colourful in terms of characters who lived, loved and survived those lawless days of assassinations and power struggles.

Last day on Pre-Order today, and released tomorrow 15th. Go to your Amazon platform and see all three books in the Flock Trilogy.