My Life as a bodyguard

A bodyguard! You don’t look like a bodyguard.”People exclaim every time I tell them I was one.

Well, it’s like this. Sometimes a path in life opens up and you step onto it, allowing yourself to travel to a destiny you had never thought possible. My journey into this field of work came upon me quite suddenly and quite by accident and changed my life forever. Read More

kingThe Spanish King was born in Rome on the 5th of January, 1938. He is grandson of King AlfonsoX111 and eldest son of Don Juan de bourbon, Count of Barcelona and Doña Maria de Las Mercedes de Bourbon Orleans.

He studied in Switzerland as a young child and first set foot on Spanish soil at the tender age of ten on the, “Lusitania Express.” As the train rolled into Madrid, he remembered his father’s orders. “A, bourbon never cries except in bed.” Read More