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2017-08-09 14.20.59.jpgOn the eve of Flock The Gathering of The Damned being released, I thought I would share a few more photos, taken when I went on my research trip. I really am fortunate to be able to find medieval treasures on my doorstep and being able to use what I saw in my stories.

Sagrat Castle sagunto-castillo-4-smon the left. (Sagunto)

The Flock was a real roller-coaster ride for me. It was emotional to write in places and sickening to note that I could draw parallels to certain evils going on today, as though torture, persecution and religious bigotry has been recycled to the modern age.

I thought it was important to end the Trilogy with a couple of new locations, which were not overly used but mentioned to give a new flavour to the tale. I’d like to share a couple of these locations with you, so that when you read the book, you too can see what the characters are seeing.

2017-08-10 12.30.44

Valencia Cathedral was a wonderful eye opener from its 1,500 year-old Christian graveyard with corpses visible in the rocks underneath the building, to the chalace defended as the Holy Grail. I was also blown away by letters in a glass case, written by Alexander V1, the Borgia/Borja Spanish Pope, to his son, the Duke of Gandia.

2017-08-10 17.53.16The Gandia Borja Palace was owned by the Borja family and used by the Borgia sons, born in Rome to Alexander VI. It remains untouched with the same ceramic floor and wall tiles, some furniture, chapel, and bed chamber of Saint Francisco de Borja who died there in the 16th century. His death mask is original, the cast placed on his face on the day of his death. The Palace is now owned by Jesuit Brothers who teach orphaned children.2017-08-10 17.33.02

Finally, the town of Sagrat was based on the town of Sagunto, full of treasures and artifacts, walls dating back to over 2,000 years ago when the Romans lived there.

theScatteredFlock.Book3bannerThe Flock was both difficult and rewarding to write. I’m sorry it’s over in a way because I enjoyed going back to a period in history, which was corrupt, cruel, yet wonderfully colourful in terms of characters who lived, loved and survived those lawless days of assassinations and power struggles.

Last day on Pre-Order today, and released tomorrow 15th. Go to your Amazon platform and see all three books in the Flock Trilogy.


Release date 15th of June. The beauty of pre-ordering is that you can wake up on the 15th and it will be on your kindle. Good, innit! xxxxxxxx

HI everyone

Flock, The Gathering of The Damned is now available for pre-order.

You can find it on all Amazon platforms worldwide.

“Petken’s storytelling is masterfully visceral, driving, and terrifying.”

Flock, The Gathering of The Damned, from the bestselling and multi award winning author of The Errant Flock, The Guardian of Secrets, Dark Shadows: Mercy Carver, and Swearing Allegiance.

The Sagrat militiamen suspend their hunt for Alejandro and return to Valencia to discover that they have become the prey.

When Rafael Perato is abducted at the Inquisitor’s funeral, he finds himself facing a new and dangerous enemy. What his captor wants with him is unclear, but as the days turn to weeks Rafael is plunged deeper and deeper into a web of deceit and betrayal.

David Sanz is marked for death after he uncovers a deadly secret and must choose between his duty to find Rafael Perato and his need to evade capture.

“Brilliant characters and riveting plots make The Gathering of The Damned an epic conclusion to The Flock Trilogy.

Flock.Book3.Kindle.16.02.2017Flock, The Gathering of The Damned

I am so excited about having a cup of coffee right now.

I started at 6am this morning, finished my editing corrections and sent the manuscript to my editor. I can’t tell you how hard this story was after two previous Flock books. I tried my best to keep it fresh, not bogged down with repetitions, keeping my characters, especially David Sanz, interesting, compelling and with something new to offer my readers.

The Flock Trilogy is over 1,600 pages long. It has come together in just over one and a half years of hard graft and determination, even when I was physically challenged. I don’t want a medal, but my God I want that cup of coffee!!!

You can pre-order tomorrow!! xxxx Thank you for your patience, lol xxxx

2017-08-09-14-10-24For the next three weeks I’ll be blogging about my medieval journey to Sagrat, Valencia and the Borja (Borgia) Ducal Palace in Gandia. Here is the first, from the Town where Flock Trilogy stories take place.

I promised to let you know about my trip to Medieval Sagrat, so, let’s get one thing clear before I begin; Sagrat from the Flock Trilogy is in fact, a fictional town based on the very real Spanish town of, Sagunto – but wait, in the year 1491-92 when my Flock lived there, the town was called Modevre – but wait, in Roman times, it was called (Wait for it) …Arse. On the left, the 15th century Santa Maria Church, where our Inquisitor Gaspar de Amo gave his edict while strange goings on were happening outside.

2017-08-09-13-24-59Looks like a load of bricks and rocks, but this is an original, untouched Roman wall, dating back to the 3rd Century. I touched it because I thought I might go through a portal taking me back to Roman times, but no, it was cold and hard, just like a brick, although I did let out a little, ooooh!

2017-08-09-13-58-32Here we have the original pre 1492 Judaria, the Jewish Quarter. This was once an entrance into the Judaria. If you look beyond the arch you can see the narrow streets where the Jews lived until their expulsion from Spain in the year 1492. We also have here, the entrance to the medieval Jewish Cemetery. In 1492, all tombs were ransacked, corpses, old and new/ish, were removed and the rocks inside the maze of tunnels were used to build new houses. If you want to know what the Flock is all about, please go to the menu and take a look at Book one and two. Book three is being released in the Summer of 2017. Or, you can click on the AMAZON or CONTACT ME button. I would love to tell you more xxxx Jana  2017-08-09-14-18-142017-08-09-13-50-16

the-flock-trilogyHi everyone. Happy New Year to you all. I’ve been quiet lately, laid up with neck and arm problems, but the ongoing fight against my condition goes on and I am feeling a bit better and now typing with two hands…wow, what a difference that makes! lol..
On a more positive note, I have managed to write 30,000 words on my new book; the last in the Flock trilogy. Flock, The Gathering of The Damned. This one will be finished and ready to publish by May, fingers crossed, and in a bold move, I am going on an adventure for two days to the medieval towns depicted in the novel, starting with Sagrat, real name and known as, SAGUNTO, the ARSE of the world…I’m not kidding, that is the old Moorish translation for SAGUNTO. You might also be interested to know that the town 3km from where I live is called, La Jara, from the Moorish name, SHIT. What was it with the Moors and the toilet, eh?
Here’s a picture of Sagrat/Sagunto. sagunto-castillo-4-sm
In other news, I am planning to start Fractured Allegiance, the sequel to Swearing Allegiance, in the summer. I am also toying with ideas for a brand new book in the historical fiction genre, but I can’t decide what period I’m going to.
This business is tough and getting tougher, but it has allowed me to discover some great Independent books in the past three years, especially historical fiction books. I’ll be listing my favourites of 2016 soon and if you’re wondering why I’m advertising my competitors, it’s because I have no competitors, no author has. We are all too busy trying to write the best stories we can, improving our skills as authors and as business people…and more importantly, I think we all appreciate a good book as much as any avid reader does.
Indies Rock! And so do you, dear readers.
Have a great 2017 everyone xxxxx