Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a great time over Christmas and new Year, and a great start to 2020

20191222_082344What did Santa Claus bring you? Me, I got a puppy, a little sister for Marnina. She’s a Bichon Maltese  and is 12 weeks old today. What can I say, she’s adorable, affecionate, loves cuddles, and to play with her toys. I couldn’t be happier at this addition to my family.20200112_163319

Janafacebook.Sept2019.b(2)In other news. I’ve been busy editing Oath of Allegiance, which will be a larger tome than Swearing Allegiance, book 1 of the Allegiance Series. This is the final part of the story, and I’m now getting ready to say goodbye to the Carmodys and hello to a completely different set of characters in a completely different historical period. This will also be the first time in a few years that I will work on a project outside of the 20th century. I’m excited about my new story, but I will keep it to myself for a wee while longer. Here’s a peek into Oath of Allegiance

Oath-of-Allegiance.KFOath of Allegiance, to be released February 2020

Jana Petken presents the final instalment of the multi-award-winning, bestseller, Swearing Allegiance, chronicling the Great War, the Irish War of independence, and the Carmody family’s struggle to survive the momentous events that are tearing their beloved Ireland apart.

As the Great War enters its most deadly phase, Patrick, Jenny, and Danny Carmody must cast aside their personal desires in order to stand with Britain against Germany and her allies.

Danny, who is recovering from serious wounds, is devastated when he learns he must return to the Continent to fight at the front.

Patrick, traumatised by his experience on HMHS Britannic, prays for a shore posting, but the Royal Navy has something much more insidious in store for him.

Jenny and Kevin rekindle their love for one another, but their relationship is tested when the Irish people demand their independence from Britain and its king. Jenny must choose between her brothers and her new husband’s Protestant family.

“A gripping, monumental adventure that gives life to one of the most tumultuous periods in British history.”

In other news. I am putting the final touches to my new website.
I’m excited for you to see it, and use it.
You’ll find a lot more features and information on it,
and I hope you’ll follow me there for updates and news.

So, dear friends, I’ll leave you now, and get back to you next month.
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Oath-of-Allegiance.KFHi Everyone

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written to you, but I’ve been working hard on “Oath of Allegiance,” the long awaited sequel to Swearing allegiance.

Here is the state of play: The draft is finished and the book is going to the editor now. It’s going to be a bigger book than Swearing Allegiance, but I did manage to cover the Great War and the Irish War of Independence.

I guess the big questions my readers have, are: Do Jenny and Kevin get together? Does Danny survive his wounds? Does Patrick recover his late father’s money from the College of Surgeons? And, the biggest question of all; do the men in the family survive the war?

Now, this is not the synopsis above. The book description continues to be my least enjoyable part of being an author. I struggle with condensing  a 5 hundred page book into a couple of paragraphs whilst trying to do justice to the story, but there you go, every author must go through the dreaded description unless they have a large staff who can take that task on their shoulders. Personally, I’d rather paint in numbers.

Okay, so while I’m here, I should mention that I’ll be starting a new book in January, and I am determined to follow “The Guardian of Secrets” and write another ‘Stand Alone,’ even if it is 700 pages long.

In other news, I’m home for Christmas, what are you doing? Whatever it is, wherever you are, have a wonderful family time.

Until January

Lots of love

Jana xoxo


Hi everyone

How is your summer going? We’ve had record temperatures here in Spain. The other day it got up to 49 degrees in my town, and I spent about five minutes outdoors. I felt as though I were in Hell’s waiting room!

FreeNow for the news. The German Half-Bloods is being offered for free between the 13th and 15th of August. Please get your E-Book copy from any Amazon platform or from Bookbub on the 14th.

I want to thank all of you for helping to make the Half-Bloods Trilogy a success. I appreciate every one of you for your support and for spreading the word. I have found that “word of mouth” is the greatest way for a book to find readers, and this has worked wonders for the Half-Bloods, and my other books., so thank you again.

Now for other news. I have finally got around to writing The sequel to Swearing Allegiance. I am hoping to publish it in early 2020. As yet, it is untitled, which means that I can’t produce the book cover. To be honest, I’m having trouble coming up with a suitable title for this. Any suggestions from you are welcome.


Swearing-AllegianceTI mentioned last month that I was going to write an 11th century story tackling the subject of Normans and Saxons, William the Conquerer and the last of the Saxon kings, Harold Godwineson. Well, I didn’t fib. I have started it, and the novel stands at 25,000 words. I have, however, put it on the back burner until, through public demand, I finish the second Swearing Allegiance.  I think it’s only fair to give the Carmody’s the ending they deserve – good or bad.

Remember, if you want to follow my posts and website, just click on follow. I won’t spam you with blogs every day, but instead, I’ll send you a newsletter once a month.

Have a great August, and keep on reading!

Hello, everyone

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far. It’s been hot, hot, hot here in Spain, and I have been staying indoors, pulling down the blinds, putting on the air conditioning, and getting stuck into my new novel. How did we ever survive intense heat without fans and cooling units? Of course we survived, and do survive. My favourite trick to keep cool in summers past was to shower myself with the garden hosepipe at full blast. I’ve also been keeping the dog cool during the day this year. I take her out at 0700 in the mornng and about 2100 at night. Here’s a recent photo of her on the mountain. She’s got so big.


Meanwhile, back to me. Before The Brightest Dawn was released on 14 June and, so far, the baby book is doing well. I’ll admit to you, the three books about WWII took it out of me, emotionally as well as physically. Still, the hard work has paid off. All three books are international Bestsellers in numerous countries, and seem to be going down well with those who have read them. An author cannot ask for more than that. I am eternally grateful to you all, my dear readers.

Still on the German Half-Bloods Trilogy; I’m delighted to announce that Cherry Hill Publishing and I have just signed the contracts for The Vogels and Before The Brightest Dawn for the audio book versions. The German Half-Bloods, book 1, will be released in audio any day now.



Now onto my other news. After a great deal of thought … no, to be honest, I didn’t spend that much time thinking about what I would write next. I guessed that whatever period I went to, people would say, “Oh, that’s nothing like The German Half-Bloods.” And they have. My new project is going to the 11th century, and into the lives of William the Conquerer and two other kings. These three men will fight each other for the English Throne. Who will win? Will it be William, Duke of Normandy? King Harold Godwinson of England? Or Harald Hardrader, the Viking king of Norway?

Most of you will already know who eventually won, but the book will not be a non fiction affair. It is going to have a big cast of characters and, hopefully, it will be an entertaining read for you all. I’d love to know your opinion about my choice, as yet, an untitled work.

And now, I’ll leave you until next month with a couple of cute photos taken last night with friends at my favourite Indian resturant, Hawelli. We are not the stars of the pictures, it is The German Half-Bloods, with the trilogy of paperbacks together for the first time.

Take care, everyone. Remember, you can get in touch with me here, email, or on FB. If you want to keep up with my news, please folllow me on my website.

All the best to you all

Jana x



HI, everyone

It’s been a while, I know, but I’ve been writing my wee socks off trying to get this book 3 of the German Half-Bloods Trilogy ready. Well, I have finished, not only that, but I have submitted the book for Pre-Order on All Amazon on-line stores.

It is a big story, and one never knows how much – how little to include in the book description. I can tell you that what’s not in the description are my feelings and emotions about this story. Whilst researching, I was both shocked and dismayed at the horrors and crimes perpetrated during the Second World War.

I have been asked by a few people if I am going to write a new WWII story after the German Half-Bloods. My answer was a simple one; no. After more than 1,800 pages, I have decided to move on to a new period in history and leave behind modern warfare, with guns, planes, bullets and exercises in genocide and racial cleansing.

“Where are you going now,” a close friend asked me, talking about the new historical period. She knows I love to skip from war to war, from historical period to historical period, and that I am always up for a challenge. Well, my dear readers, this new project will be a huge challenge, and I am going to tell you about it in my June newsletter.

BeforeTheBrightestDawn.KindleToday, however, is all about “Before The Brightest Dawn.”

Jana Petken’s extraordinary historical epic, The German Half-Bloods Trilogy, reaches its sweeping, heart-wrenching conclusion.

In The German Half-Bloods and The Vogels, Jana Petken followed the turbulent lives of an Anglo-German family as they forged their paths through the Second World War. Now, the conflict intensifies in the Soviet States, the boiling Western Desert of North Africa, and the growing resistance movement in Poland.


Will Max, Paul, and Wilmot Vogel survive the most ruthless phase of the war to date?

Max takes a path to momentous events in North Africa where he balances undercover games of espionage in decadent Cairo with dangerous missions behind the German Afrika Korps’ lines.

Paul’s loyalty to the Third Reich continues to wane as Germany’s extermination programmes in Poland expand, and he is stalked by the new Kriminalinspektor, Manfred Krüger. Can he stay one step ahead of a man who has been ordered to destroy him?

Wilmot faces new challenges in the Afrika Korps, but is he mentally and physically prepared to lead his men into Libya’s fiery desert and against the British 8th Army?

Before the Brightest Dawn, the long-awaited Book 3 of the Half-Bloods Trilogy, concludes the story of the inextricably entangled fates of three brothers … through a war that becomes increasingly brutal and cruel.

Pre Order now on this universal link for all Amazon platforms!