January Newsletter…and exciting stuff

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a great time over Christmas and new Year, and a great start to 2020

20191222_082344What did Santa Claus bring you? Me, I got a puppy, a little sister for Marnina. She’s a Bichon Maltese  and is 12 weeks old today. What can I say, she’s adorable, affecionate, loves cuddles, and to play with her toys. I couldn’t be happier at this addition to my family.20200112_163319

Janafacebook.Sept2019.b(2)In other news. I’ve been busy editing Oath of Allegiance, which will be a larger tome than Swearing Allegiance, book 1 of the Allegiance Series. This is the final part of the story, and I’m now getting ready to say goodbye to the Carmodys and hello to a completely different set of characters in a completely different historical period. This will also be the first time in a few years that I will work on a project outside of the 20th century. I’m excited about my new story, but I will keep it to myself for a wee while longer. Here’s a peek into Oath of Allegiance

Oath-of-Allegiance.KFOath of Allegiance, to be released February 2020

Jana Petken presents the final instalment of the multi-award-winning, bestseller, Swearing Allegiance, chronicling the Great War, the Irish War of independence, and the Carmody family’s struggle to survive the momentous events that are tearing their beloved Ireland apart.

As the Great War enters its most deadly phase, Patrick, Jenny, and Danny Carmody must cast aside their personal desires in order to stand with Britain against Germany and her allies.

Danny, who is recovering from serious wounds, is devastated when he learns he must return to the Continent to fight at the front.

Patrick, traumatised by his experience on HMHS Britannic, prays for a shore posting, but the Royal Navy has something much more insidious in store for him.

Jenny and Kevin rekindle their love for one another, but their relationship is tested when the Irish people demand their independence from Britain and its king. Jenny must choose between her brothers and her new husband’s Protestant family.

“A gripping, monumental adventure that gives life to one of the most tumultuous periods in British history.”

In other news. I am putting the final touches to my new website.
I’m excited for you to see it, and use it.
You’ll find a lot more features and information on it,
and I hope you’ll follow me there for updates and news.

So, dear friends, I’ll leave you now, and get back to you next month.
Please keep in touch, and remember, you can now also find me on www.janapetken.com


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