August Newsletter. The German Half-Bloods is Free for two days!

Hi everyone

How is your summer going? We’ve had record temperatures here in Spain. The other day it got up to 49 degrees in my town, and I spent about five minutes outdoors. I felt as though I were in Hell’s waiting room!

FreeNow for the news. The German Half-Bloods is being offered for free between the 13th and 15th of August. Please get your E-Book copy from any Amazon platform or from Bookbub on the 14th.

I want to thank all of you for helping to make the Half-Bloods Trilogy a success. I appreciate every one of you for your support and for spreading the word. I have found that “word of mouth” is the greatest way for a book to find readers, and this has worked wonders for the Half-Bloods, and my other books., so thank you again.

Now for other news. I have finally got around to writing The sequel to Swearing Allegiance. I am hoping to publish it in early 2020. As yet, it is untitled, which means that I can’t produce the book cover. To be honest, I’m having trouble coming up with a suitable title for this. Any suggestions from you are welcome.

Swearing-AllegianceTI mentioned last month that I was going to write an 11th century story tackling the subject of Normans and Saxons, William the Conquerer and the last of the Saxon kings, Harold Godwineson. Well, I didn’t fib. I have started it, and the novel stands at 25,000 words. I have, however, put it on the back burner until, through public demand, I finish the second Swearing Allegiance.  I think it’s only fair to give the Carmody’s the ending they deserve – good or bad.

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Have a great August, and keep on reading!

One Comment on “August Newsletter. The German Half-Bloods is Free for two days!

  1. Hi Jana, See your brain is in overdrive must be the heat ? Looking forward to sequel swearing allegiance might read the first one again beforehand. Hope your well. Jan X

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