Brexit, Exit, LaLa Land

1024px-flag_of_europe.svgI’m thinking about the Brexit vote today.

People of Britain who voted to leave Europe, you can view my thoughts with distain, tell me I’m a scaremonger, block me on FB …. ooh, I’m scared, or you can laugh at this and tell me I’m not a prophet and I don’t know what I’m talking about; up to you.

Your government might soon have three trading blocks to go to with cap in hand…China..USA…Europe. Choose China and you deal with a government who kills and imprisons anyone with the balls to have free speech. Watch them manipulate their currency, making our goods more expensive for us to sell to them and there’s cheaper to buy. And good luck bidding against them for deals in the African countries that were once in Britain’s Empire; that ship left port long ago. You are not at the front of the queue for trade deals in African countries, get it?

Go to America and deal with Loony tunes Trump. Watch your trade deals with that country be cancelled at the last minute because Trump is in a tiff and stabs you in the back. Do America’s bidding, go to war with them, pick up their slack in the UN when they blindly veto everything that doesn’t self-serve the Trumpster and his buddies. Watch Trump walk out on Allies, go back on deals with his own government, and talk to you like you were a junior in his boardroom. Wait until he does it to you.

Or, you could maybe trade with India, as May is trying to do. Did you know she promised easier visa access to Indians coming to the UK? No. You probably weren’t told that she might kick out the Europeans to make way for citizens of mutual trade countries. European workers are not classy enough, you see. Watch visa rates rise for Africans, too; after all, no one get anything for nothing, not even proud, arrogant Britain who once ruled the world.

Or, maybe trade with Europe, but of course without the fringe benefits. Forget about open borders, opportunities to work and study for young people in Euro states, a common European, not Nato, defence strategy against Trump’s friend, Putin, and all the nice goodies we like to eat. Ignore the fact that factories are leaving British soil and relocating to Europe, financial boardrooms are going back across the channel, too, and European workers who serve you in restaurants and hotels, hospitals and factories are being told they’re not good enough, they earn too little and must make way for people from other far away countries – good luck to them living in Britain where prices will go up, salaries will go down…never mind, they can live off Government benefits. And forget about having a voice in Europe, any say in how it deals with external and internal issues that might one day affect us. This is a new world, not an Empire world, but a dangerous world, but hey, we can become an island that shuts its eyes to the rise in anti-Semitism and far right creatures working the Hitler Playbook. We will worry only when the shit hits our shores.

I am sitting here wracking my brain, wondering how it is possible for older people in Britain to believe that, as they lived for forty years before Europe, they can do it again, that Europe needs us more than we need them, that we should just get out and be done with it. No, Britain, we will not be done with it. Our troubles will just be beginning.

Today, I am praying for a miracle; that the British government will swallow its pride and realise that getting out means getting nowhere. Whatever happens, I will continue to live in Europe, face the changes, and perhaps change my passport to the one with the stars of Europe. Everyone has had their say, this is mine without the facts and figures I had ready to throw at you. For those of you who agree with me, you will not need to see the research I have done, for those of you who don’t want to listen, you will not believe the facts if I shoved them down your throat. You think think this divorce has been semi-amicable; wait until the bitterness sinks in.

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