The Vogels Go Live

Hi everyone

OnAllFronts.Kindle.RJust to let you know that The Vogels On All Fronts has gone live today. It is now available on all Amazon Platforms in Paperback and Kindle, or borrow through Kindle Unlimited.

Hope you all enjoy it. I’ll get started on the third and final Half-Bloods novel, Before The brightest Dawn.

Have a great weekend


4 Comments on “The Vogels Go Live

  1. Praise whoever is responsible for the release of The Vogels. I happen to sit on the couch for a few days with a sour throat. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend! 🤔
    Thank you Jana for all the effort you put in to get the novel finished and good luch with the third part.


  2. So there is going to be a third book. I felt like the story was not finished at the completion of the second book. I wish more people would read books about WW2. It just is not taught in our schools what really went on during that war. Maybe then they would not be so quick to jump on the socialist/communist bank wagon if they did. I loved these two books. I have read several books that took place in other European countries during WW2 and have found them to be quite interesting along with these. I look forward to reading the third book.


    • Hi Liz. Yes, a third and possibly a fourth book, Glad you’re enjoying them. I agree, not enough is being taught about this war or the great War, which I covered in Swearing Allegiance. Thanks for getting in touch xx


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