The Vogels on Pre-Order!

I’m very happy to announce that the second book in the Half-Bloods Series is now on Pre-order from Amazon worldwide. Order now and the book will automatically be added to your Kindle library in your device on October 26th.

BANNERVOGELS-GERMAN3“The Vogels are fighting on all fronts in this compelling story of intrigue and betrayal in a world at war.”

European citizens feel the full force of German injustice, but not all are willing to bend the knee. From France to Poland, Resistance groups fight from the shadows to thwart Nazi rule and hinder their goal to exterminate Jews.

In Russia, Wilmot Vogel struggles to survive the ravages of a frigid winter, compounded by the German army’s lack of progress. Hit by a surprise Russian attack on the front lines, however, he finds himself facing an even greater challenge than the freezing weather and Soviet bullets.

In Łódź, Poland, an idealistic doctor is resolved to oppose the Third Reich, but is he willing to betray his country? Will a Gestapo major find the answers he’s looking for? Can a ghetto Jew avoid transportation to a Nazi extermination camp?

Can two spies rekindle their friendship, or will past betrayals become hurdles too great to surmount? Can Britain’s MI6 maintain the upper hand in a contest against the German Abwehr? Who wins when one man fights for British interests whilst the other seeks to undermine them?

In the darkest days of war, love flourishes. Two women with very different paths are led to one man who changes the course of their lives forever – but only one will win his heart.

As Laura and Dieter Vogel settle into their new lives in the English countryside, their three sons struggle to balance duty and conscience in German-occupied Europe.

Have a great day, everyone!

All the best

Jana xxx

9 Comments on “The Vogels on Pre-Order!

  1. I ordered yesterday. Have been waiting for this and looking forward to reading in October loved part 1

    Jyce Rich


    • Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve just completed chapter one of the third and last volume, Before The Brightest Dawn. xxx Take care



  2. Hello Jana,
    I loved the first book in the Half-Bloods series and am currently reading the Vogels: On All Fronts. While I love this one too, as a fellow writer of historical fiction who has researched the Finnish front in WW2 very thoroughly (I read Finnish), I am disappointed to see some glaring inaccuracies in your account of Wilmot’s experiences, especially in Viipuri where there was no German military presence, apart from the odd visitor, until 1944. The Germans were fighting in the far northern sectors. They never fought on the Mannerheim Line or in the Winter War, which Finland fought alone.

    I realize the FInnish front is an obscure corner of the eastern front, which is why I take such a keen interest in any mention of it in historical fiction or non-fiction.

    Love the Vogels series, though.

    Ulla Jordan


    • HI Ulla. Thanks for getting in touch- I agree, the Germans were based in the Lapland area. My research, however, gave me a small opening to put Wilmot near the Mannerheim line because, in practice, the German troops moved around the Maginot Line in spring 1940, and though I can’t find my research at the moment, a few remnants stayed for reconnaissance/ Liaison (Hence only a Major in Viipuri and no German command. It was pretty clear, I thought that the Finns were running things.

      Viipuri barracks were not German barracks and I purposely didn’t say they were. The German military police were only in Viipuri looking for deserters, hence Wilmot’s question of why are the Feldegarms in Viipuri? The Germans who were on the line accompanied the Finnish units; had there been a German army they would have had their own units. As I am writing book three with Lapland, it becomes clear that Wilmot is joining the German troops and leaving the Finnish held area of the Mannerheim line.

      In July 1941 he Finnish Commander, Marshal Mannerheim, launched an offensive—the drive to take back the rich farming area of Karelia east of Lake Ladoga. This involved two corps including the Finnish 1st, 5th 6th, 11th, and 14th Divisions, and the German 163rd Division in Group Oivonen. Remnants of Germans remained until 1943 when they all moved towards the Lapland area, knowing the Finns were going to ally with the Soviets and Allies.

      I don’t think I broke too many rules, at least not enough to cause a stir. it’s also clear in the footage of Adolf Hitler’s visit to Viipuri that there were a small number of German platoons to greet him with the high command travelling to Viipuri from Lapland to greet him.

      I bow to your expertise and hope you enjoy the rest of the book and that I haven’t given spoilers. I exert my right on this occasion to use creative discretion.

      Take care

      Jan xxx


    • Hi Ulla. Please let me know where to find your books. I’d be really happy to read anything on the Finnish WWII campaigns or on any of of your historical fiction works. xxxx


  3. Hi Jana,
    Thanks for your detailed explanation. I am so very glad to see that you have indeed researched this sector thoroughly, as I have seen it misrepresented so often by other authors. Really appreciate your efforts to keep it real.

    I didn’t realize Hitler was actually in Viipuri, but his visit was definitely within the Viipuri area of operations. Have you heard the recording that was secretly made by Finnish radio of the lunch conversation he had with Mannerheim? It’s on YouTube with English sub-titles.

    I can hardly wait to read about Wilmot in Lapland. I really do love the whole series and all the Vogels.

    (Another ‘did you know?’: in the Kiestinki sector in Northern Finland, German and Finnish troops fought literally side by side, and one of the German officers was the son of Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop. He was wounded there, and the chief medical officer on the FInnish side was a Jewish Finnish doctor named Leo Skurnik. Although there is no record of it, chances are good that at some point Dr. Skurnik may have actually treated von Ribbentrop’s son. There’s irony for you.)

    I have only written one novel. It’s called Lost Ground and is set entirely during the Winter War. Here’s the link:



    • Hi Ulla. Thanks for getting back to me. I will certainly read your book about the Winter War. Interesting story about Robbontrop’s son. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, as they say, yet readers might say something like that is a stretch and unrealistic. Take care. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the Vogels. To be honest, I’m not sure what i’m going to do with Wilmot, yet…hehe, or any of them!

      Yes, I heard the recording of Hitler’s lunch on the train in Viipuri, made during that visit on the 4th June ’42. I was struck by how soft and normal
      his tone was; a change from all his screatching xxx


  4. Hi Jana,
    Thanks for the response. I really am looking forward to the next book about the Vogels, Wilmot and all the rest of them. They fascinate me.
    All the best


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