Big News in This September’s Newsletter

Hello everyone!

OnAllFronts.Kindle.ROkay, first of all, sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve put a newsletter together. I have no excuse apart from that I’ve been desperately trying to finish the sequel to The German Half-Bloods whilst not rushing the work. The book, The Vogels, On All Fronts, is going on pre-order very soon, and I’ll keep you updated.

As I mentioned before, the Half-Bloods will be a trilogy, with book three, entitled, Before The Brightest Dawn being released in 2019. I intended the first book to be a stand-alone but got into trouble halfway through it when I found myself mired in 1940 … oh, dear, I thought … or words to that effect. Book two, although with a handful of pages less, will be even bigger than the German Half-Bloods in size, and although I’ve managed to reach mid 1942, I still have a long way to go. One thing I’m certain about, however, is that I have a fast-paced story that will, hopefully, please you, my dear readers.

TheGermanHalfBloodsV2.Kindle.uIn other news, The German Half-Bloods has a new cover. Unfortunately, the original cover was banned from Amazon after a fellow author complained about the Swastikas. As you historical Fiction buffs might have noticed, there are hundreds of books with that symbol on them, but hey, ho, said I, the book has just been awarded a Bronze medal at the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Awards, and is coming up to its three month anniversary as a #1 Bestseller. Take that, little creepy fellow author, whoever you are (Amazon refused to give me the name of the lttle weasel) Please note, Indie authors rock, and are the most helpful and friendly of people.bronze

Now, I’ve had a lot of readers asking me when the sequel to Swearing Allegiance is coming out. I’d like to say that it will be soon, but I have to say that I’ll start writing it in mid 2019 and try my best to get it out at the end of next year.

Good news, The Flock Trilogy will be available  in audio books by the end of the year. The Errant Flock is already out in Amazon and the other two are almost ready. Swearing Allegiance, the Mercy Carver Series, and The German Half-Bloods are also in production with Dark Shadows, The Mercy Carver Series, already available.

It’s great to speak to you all again, and it’s also good to have a little break from writing whilst the Vogels is in editing. I’m going down the coast to a resort called, Calpe, for a wee holiday. I hope to read some really good books that I’ve been seeing on Amazon, take some long walks and relax.

JanaTwitterAugust2018Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of my books, or upcoming books.


And most importantly, here is Marnina, now 7 months old and having great fun.40684224_10215076596687387_3287639749593923584_n

Take care, and talk soon

Jana xxx


2 Comments on “Big News in This September’s Newsletter

  1. Thank you for letting us know how things are going in your “writing world.” Your German Half Bloods left me dangling, and I am anxiously awaiting the next step in their journey. I am a fan in the USA and love your writing and knowledge of an era in which my dad fought so long ago. There were so many brave men and women fighting in their own way to destroy the evil going on at that time. Thank you for helping us to not forget what so many gave their lives for in those times. Hopefully, the world has learned, and will not forget, that we must keep forever vigilant to prevent the monsters of the world from repeating their evil destruction. Now, what I want to how is your furbaby doing? Good luck and please keep writing your novels. You are very talented!


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