November Newsletter and The Readers’ Favorite Awards in Miami!

Hi everyone, it’s been a whirlwind November. Many of you are aware that I’m just back from Miami for the Readers’ Favorite Awards where Swearing Allegiance, The Scattered Flock, and Blood Moon, Mercy Carver Book Two won awards. Here’s a few photos for you.

23659159_791125834406047_3617242492581469102_nOnce again, the seminar and ceremony was wonderful but the best events of the long weekend were the moments I met other award-winning authors, previously known to me on FB and Twitter.

IMG_1429I was especially delighted this year to learn of the vast number of entries in the Historical Fiction categories. I hear from other authors that historical fiction is one of the less commercial genres on the market and that readers today want short, snappy stories because they don’t have time to read long, drawn-out tales. Well, dear readers, I disagreed with this analysis. Historical fiction is growing as a genre and one of the reasons for its growth, in my opinion, is because it seamlessly combines numerous categories, from romance to thrillers, religion to sagas, so there, take that!IMG_1420

Now for the little downs in November; on my return from Miami, my ballon burst somewhat and instead of being excited about getting stuck into my new manuscript, The German Half-Bloods, I fell on my face when I saw that during my trip, Amazon had deleted over 20 reviews on my books. Why? Well, maybe they knew I was out of the country…no, seriously, no idea, but I will get to the bottom of this.

To finish off, I fell the other day onto a rock and hurt my hip. I am now limping badly and spending a lot of time with my legs up on the couch; great for writing all day, now at 120,000 words, but the dog is upset that she’s not getting her walks. If any dear reader out there would like to take her for a stroll, let me know, I’ll make you a cup of tea when you both come home.

Have a great December, everyone, and a fabulous Christmas xxxx





2 Comments on “November Newsletter and The Readers’ Favorite Awards in Miami!

  1. Ah sorry to hear of your fall, your books are the first historical ones I have read and am now addicted so I agree with you we want more ,so keep writing..


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