September Newsletter And A New Book For 2018

TheGermanHalfBloodsKindle.UHi, everyone.

I’m just popping in to tell you about my progress on The German Half Bloods. I’ve just hit 100,000 words, which means I’m about two thirds of the way there. This is going to be a relatively big book with multiple characters and plots set against the backdrops of Berlin and London during WW2.

How would I describe it? Someone asked me this the other day and I had trouble answering. It’s a family Saga, a thriller, a romance, a war story and an insightful look at what happens when love crosses religious and racial divides.

“What happens in Nazi Germany when an Anglo German family’s loyalty is tested to the limits?”

Ok, so in other news. Swearing Allegiance has just been awarded a silver Medal at the 2017 Readers’ Favourite Awards, and Award finalist at the National Indie Excellence Swearing-Allegiance.KindleAwards.2015-silver


19989810_1610383758980459_7109036100370915172_nBlood Moon was Awarded the Bronze Medal at the 2017 Readers’ Favourite Awards, making Mercy Carver and Award Winning Series. bronzeBlood Moon - Small



The Scattered Flock was the Award finalist at The 2017 Readers’ Favourite Awards.. And one last thing. I’m going to the Miami International Book Fair and Readers’ Favourite Awards in November. I’ll post photos of my big night! Take care everyone. Please let me know your comments if you have any xxxx



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