The Flock Goes On Location

2017-08-09-14-10-24For the next three weeks I’ll be blogging about my medieval journey to Sagrat, Valencia and the Borja (Borgia) Ducal Palace in Gandia. Here is the first, from the Town where Flock Trilogy stories take place.

I promised to let you know about my trip to Medieval Sagrat, so, let’s get one thing clear before I begin; Sagrat from the Flock Trilogy is in fact, a fictional town based on the very real Spanish town of, Sagunto – but wait, in the year 1491-92 when my Flock lived there, the town was called Modevre – but wait, in Roman times, it was called (Wait for it) …Arse. On the left, the 15th century Santa Maria Church, where our Inquisitor Gaspar de Amo gave his edict while strange goings on were happening outside.

2017-08-09-13-24-59Looks like a load of bricks and rocks, but this is an original, untouched Roman wall, dating back to the 3rd Century. I touched it because I thought I might go through a portal taking me back to Roman times, but no, it was cold and hard, just like a brick, although I did let out a little, ooooh!

2017-08-09-13-58-32Here we have the original pre 1492 Judaria, the Jewish Quarter. This was once an entrance into the Judaria. If you look beyond the arch you can see the narrow streets where the Jews lived until their expulsion from Spain in the year 1492. We also have here, the entrance to the medieval Jewish Cemetery. In 1492, all tombs were ransacked, corpses, old and new/ish, were removed and the rocks inside the maze of tunnels were used to build new houses. If you want to know what the Flock is all about, please go to the menu and take a look at Book one and two. Book three is being released in the Summer of 2017. Or, you can click on the AMAZON or CONTACT ME button. I would love to tell you more xxxx Jana  2017-08-09-14-18-142017-08-09-13-50-16

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