The 2016 Readers’ Favorite Awards

2017-05-16-04-18-08Well, wasn’t that a blast!

I’ve just got back from Miami after being honoured at the Readers’ Favorite Awards with two silver medals in Historical fiction, and things couldn’t have gone better. This is not a mind blowing post, but I wanted to share my experience with you, my dear readers.

I flew from Alicante, Spain, to Madrid the day before the big flight to Miami. I invited myself out to dinner, sat in a romantic restaurant with candles and was lucky enough to meet an American couple who were traveling to New York the next day. Apart from being great company, they were also book lovers, which was an added bonus. I knew this because the lady, Pam, had her kindle peeking out the top of her handbag, and she laughed when I offered her one of my newly printed bookmarks. I had a great night with them and we plan to keep in touch.

Flight to Miami was superb, and surprising.  I was at the boarding gate when I heard my name being called. “You have been upgraded to First Class, Miss Petken,” the ground staff informed me. I admit, I was a bit embarrassed to hear a little squeal of joy leave my mouth. Here’s a tip, join a frequent flyer programme, you might just get a bed on the aircraft!

Readers’ Favorite awards are a tremendous way to meet other authors who you might already be friends with on FB. This happened in my case and that made the trip just that little more special. 2017-05-16-04-28-29

On the Friday night there was a meet and greet party at the bar in the hotel and that was followed by a seminar where guest speakers gave presentations on a wide variety of subjects relating to all aspects of book publishing…and I won a kindle in the raffle afterwards!

2017-05-16-04-19-23On the Saturday, I attended the awards ceremony, which took place in the hotel nightclub. I was amazed at the number of authors attending, and even more impressed when I learned that they had come from as far off as Australia, and Spain, of course.  Here’s a picture of me with a fellow author from Spain. You will also note my funny looking knees and swollen ankles, but who cares, I had a 27 hour journey ahead of me the next day, and knew I’d look as though I’d been thrown into a hedge by the end of it.

So, another year of awards have ended, giving me a tally of five medals. I’m probably being greedy, but I’d like to go again to Miami next year; I loved the experience. First, though, I have to win with another book, and believe me, it’s not easy being in competition and winning with so many wonderfully talented  authors. You can’t see me, but my fingers and toes are crossed for a successful 2017 and a good run of inspiration to hit me, after I get over the jet lag. xxxxx.


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