Why I Love Being an Indie Author #PoweredByindie

cropped-jana-google2bsept2016.jpgAmazon notified me by Email and kindly invited me to share my thoughts on being an Indie author, and to tell the world why I love my life as an independent publisher. #PoweredByIndie

I didn’t have burning ambitions to write stories when I was younger, let alone publish them. I guess you could say that I fell into this publishing world, quite literally by accident. My bio page will explain why. In a nutshell, I hit my head on an aircraft 747 ceiling…yes, it hurt.  That unfortunate accident led me here, however, and becoming an author was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Amazon’s user-friendly system allows me to upload my books whenever they are ready to go public. I don’t have to wait for a publishing company to tell me when they want to release my titles. I have no difficult process of negotiations to go through when I want to add information to my novels, for example, new books coming out, or editorial reviews. I can change my books’ covers, improve the text by tweaking errors that may have been overlooked, a nightmare for any author! Best of all, Amazon gives me my very own dashboard so that I can see how many copies of my books have sold on an hourly basis, and on a good day every five minutes. Yeah, yeah, I wish! It is, in a couple of words, complete control.

Being exclusive to Amazon has also given me an insight into how much readers like my books. Apart from its normal selling channels, its KU Kindle Unlimited Programme allows subscribers to borrow books, and the author gets paid only when the customer actually reads the pages. This was a new concept for me, and I admit I was filled with trepidation. Imagine if no one reads more than four or five pages, I thought. How will I ever make money under this system if I don’t recuperate my investments? What if readers borrow the books and then don’t read them for months or years or ever? Do you see where I was coming from? It was daunting, risky and something I couldn’t quite understand until I began seeing a very positive outcome with my own eyes.

Happily, Amazon and I seem to have a good relationship, and whilst many authors feel the need to expand into other platforms, I am still content to have my all my eggs in the Amazon basket. Readers are reading the pages of my books, they are buying paperbacks from Createspace, I am seeing a good return on my investments and most importantly, I am now competing in the historical fiction genre and holding my own against giants in the industry.

So, as Amazon celebrate, Power to Indies in October, I would like to say thank you, Amazon, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this exciting, difficult, and at times nerve-wracking industry. Without you, I would not be a multi-award winning and bestselling author. I might not have had the courage to share my stories with people from all over the world, from China to India and everywhere in between. I would never have met other authors, or readers who continue to support my work, book after book. So your celebration is also my celebration. Indies Rock!

GuardianofSecretstwoawardsfinalThe Guardian of Secrets. TODAY #I Best Seller in the UK and USA, on Amazon.  A multi award winning novel.

The Mercy Carver Series: Dark Shadows Book I, #I Best Seller and a Readers’ Favorite Award winning book. Blood Moon book 2 #1 best seller.

The Errant Flock, The Flock Trilogy Book I, A multi award winning book, The IPPY’s 2016, Readers’ Favorite, 2016

Swearing Allegiance, The Carmody Saga Book I,2016

thescatteredflock23-09-kindleThe Scattered Flock, The Flock Trilogy, coming October, 2016

#PoweredByIndie #DreamsComeTrue #ILoveAmazon







5 Comments on “Why I Love Being an Indie Author #PoweredByindie

  1. Currently reading Guardian of Secrets. The story is awesome I feel like I am transported to another time. If all your books are as good then I will be reading all of them.


  2. Well done Jana! I told you before you’re on the right track. Not only that, you’re succesfull as well! Congratulations and please: keep up the good work!
    PS: don’t worry about Karen, she’ll read ‘m all, just like everyone else who read one of your novels. 👍 🤓


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