Moors and Christians and The Scattered Flock

Hi everyone. This week in my town, Denia, we are celebrating the cultures of the Moors and Christians in Spain. A Spanish political party recently said that if they get into power, the fiesta of the Moors and Christians will end. It is not politically correct, apparently.

moors and christiansI say, poppy-cock to them. The Moors – Muslims, ruled Spain, not for decades but for hundreds of years. During that time they shared their wonderful music, literature, medical breakthroughs, philosophy, and exquisite foods. They are as much a part of Spanish culture as the Christians and Jews. For hundreds of years, three religions lived together in what’s known as Convivencia.  Granted it was not always a peaceful time, but during that period each religion contributed to society with their talents, wealth of knowledge, financial prowess, and a rich tapestry of religious worship.

moro girlSo what happened? The Spanish Inquisition arrived, their most Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella took the Muslim stronghold of Granada, and a new totalitarian age of religious intolerance was born – it seems that history just keeps repeating itself, over and over.

TheErrantFlock.27.06.KindleAs you know, I have just completed my latest novel, The Scattered Flock, the second book in The Flock Series. You’ll notice I said, second. Oh yes, it came as a shock to me when I realised last week that I could not shut this story down and that The Flock Series would have to be renamed, The Flock Trilogy. In the book, I touch on the war in Granada, the Inquisition, greed and power struggles, battles, murder and chaos. Let me warn you, it is not for the fainthearted, but I’m hoping that it will please those of you who have enjoyed The Errant Flock. Coming, October 2016

bannerTheErrantFlock (1)


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