Createspace, you’re killing me!

frustrated-laptop-girl-24025765Hi my dear author friends. This woman on the left is not me, however I did resemble her this morning. I am posting this, not because I think you will be at all interested in my terrible morning, but because I want to warn all authors, uploading their book to Createspace.

Before I go any further, I will say that I’m going to continue to use Createspace, until a better medium presents itself, but I would urge all of you, to check Createspace preview files, thoroughly; every single page, page number, header, and chapters.

Having done dome editing, touching up, adding a new book alert on The Guardian of Secrets, I, with the help of a very kind man, uploaded it to Createspace. Please note, the Createspace print book, in question, has been on sale for two and a half years.

The first time I edited and re-uploaded, I was told it was A okay. I reviewed the file on line and this is what I found. Chapter 10 ended and on the next page was chapter 2. It then went to chapter 4, (Where the hell was three?) then chapter 16, and then chapter 8… get the picture. The entire book was scrambled!

Next attempt a few months later, checked preview 24 hours after uploading. There were four words on each line…four bleedin words! The pages looked like shopping lists.

The final blow was at 7am this morning. Looking perfect, the night before, when it was uploaded, I was pleased to receive the invitation to review the doc. Everything looked great until I got to chapter 10, and then my world crumbled. Oh yes, Createspace’s most recent monumental cockup deserves a bloody fanfare. Chapter 10 looked good, chapter 11 looked good, until I took a closer look. Createspace chapter 11 was actually my chapter 21. They had lost, ate, killed, or buried 11 chapters. Instead of 88 chapters, Createspace gave me 77 and threw the rest away. Did they not like those 11 chapters? Was it something I wrote? Or is Createspace overwhelmed with the amount of books being uploaded, and do not have the capacity to deal with the volume? Are they simply losing it? What do you think?




8 Comments on “Createspace, you’re killing me!

  1. Wow! I’ve published 5 books with them and never had a problem.Sod’s law says it is technology and sometimes it will go wrong but you do seem to have been very unlucky. Do you use their pre formatted template for writing?


  2. That’s funny, I’ve never had any trouble with Create Space. I’m sorry to hear about such a mess. Were your books professionally formatted?


  3. I’ve had issues, but not to that degree. My latest saga which was just a few weeks ago: I wanted all new chapters to begin on the right hand page, so I inserted blank pages where necessary to make that happen. And I tightened everything up to eliminate orphan lines (one line ending up on a page all on its own at the end of a chapter.) Presto. Everything looked good on my Word.docx, so I uploaded. Preview time and I had orphans running all over the place, several chapters beginning on the left side, and blank pages randomly placed unstrategically. After several unsuccessful reloads, I converted it to a PDF file. Same thing. In the end I deleted or added pages or spaces on my Word.doc while looking at the CreateSpace preview to correct the issues as it appeared on the CS file. My Word.doc looked a disaster but it come out correct on the CreateSpace preview. Yes, I too lost a few handfuls of hair during the process.
    Did I mention this was for my latest release, Enemy of My Enemy? 🙂


    • It’s harrowing for people like me, who are a bit thick, Travis. I need lessons, but so does Createspace, apparently. I will definitely pick up your new book. Congratulations.

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