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Acclaimed Historical Fiction Author Jana Petken to Run Promotion on Her Novel “Dark Shadows”

“Guardian of Secrets” author Jana Petken has just announced that her novel “Dark Shadows” will be on sale for 99 cents from the 11th January, 2015 through to the 18th January, 2015.
Dark Shadows by Jana Petken
Dark Shadows by Jana Petken

PRLogJan. 10, 2015LEICESTER, U.K.Author Jana Petken has started 2015 with a bang by announcing she will be reducing the price for a limited time on one of her most popular novels, “Dark Shadows.” This will be the first time the acclaimed Historical Fiction author has allowed readers to get their hands on the book at such a price. This promotion will coincide with a series of interviews and her signing session, to be held mid-January.

Ms Petken, an author who has been likened to Ken Follet, released three novels last year. Each brought her more success than the previous, and she is currently working on a new novel about the Spanish inquisition, which will be released later this year. In addition to her hectic writing career, Ms Petken recently launched her own publishing company, JCP Publishing, which will handle all her titles.

“Dark Shadows” tells the story of Mercy Carver, a poor London woman who wonders what she has done to deserve such immeasurable suffering. It is only when she faces imminent death in the snow and ice-encrusted Virginia wilderness that she finally understands the power of destiny. Mercy is passionate. She loves and hates in equal measure. Can love and hatred give her the strength she needs now to reach a Northern state and free a runaway slave wanted for murders she committed? America and her people are strangled in an uncompromising political stalemate. Southern states have seceded from the Union, and a civil war is imminent.

Learn more about Jana Petken from her publicity office via nick@nickwale.org, and you can find “Dark Shadows” on Amazon at its promotional price of 99₵ from the 11th January, 2015 through to the 18th January 2015.

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Nick Wale

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