Free Speech is a, God Given Right


My thoughts and prayers go out to Paris and the victims of yet another Terrorist attack.

Printing satirical stories and cartoons depicting religious figures, in one way or another, has been going on for hundreds of years. They have always been used to point out the absurdities of extreme and pathetic, yes pathetic views, such as those displayed by barbaric, militant Islamic extremists.

No one has ever been killed or shot by the pen or the written word, and anyone who loves God and his prophets have never thought such satire damaging to the religious icons they worship.

Western journalists must not stop having a sense of humour, free speech, or the right to express themselves. Western governments must not be cowed by these Islamic extremists, dictating what can be written and drawn on paper in democratic and free thinking nations, who they see as soft targets.

Is it not bad enough that Islamist extremists are killing, kidnapping, enslaving, and decapitating those who wish to have the freedom to think and to express their views, in the middle east and Africa? We watch from afar, not quite understanding just how horrific this must be for millions of people under attack every day. Well guess what, we are also under attack, here in the West. An attack on France is an attack on all of us. Other countries in the West have already raised the terror threat and I doubt that will go down any time soon.

We should never be ashamed to express views. If we all gave in to those who threaten our right to speak and put pen to paper, we would never be able to openly discuss politics, music, books, religion, or anything else that we as human beings, call, “talking points”.
We should be proud that we have something these terrorists want and are desperate to take from us…the power to think, feel, and speak, as and when we wish.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

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